Convert PDF To Office

Convert PDF To Office

Convert PDF To Office

Here you can easily and simply convert your PDF documents to an editable Office format with iLovePDF.

Convert PDF To Office

PDFs weren’t assumed with editing in mind; if you need to delete or update information on your documents, then the simplest and the easiest way is by converting it to editable Microsoft Office formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

There are many online tools are available to get the job done. But among all the countless tools out there, a free online converter is doubtlessly one of the most and best convenient solutions. So, you can extract images, text, tables from your PDFs without the annoyance of installing new software.

The results you will obtain will totally depend on the converter you use. But if you want to maintain the original formatting, ilovePDF can help you to get your files transformed with great accuracy in just a moment.

How can I convert PDF to Office Online?

To convert your documents online, you can use the most trusted PDF to Office converters. Millions of PDF files are converted into editable Excel spreadsheets, Word Docs, and PowerPoint presentations on a daily basis by iLovePDF.

Furthermore, you can also transform multiple files per task thanks to our batch conversion features, accessible for Premium users. But if you want to stay free, then you can convert single files of a limited 15 MB each time. Meet your web-based transforming tools and beat your document challenges in no time. Drag and drop document direct to each tool’s page or import them from your Dropbox account or Google Drive.

PDF to Office Conversion for Windows

Whether you are an individual or a business processing highly confidential documents dealing with a large volume of files, iLovePDF Windows can be a good match for your documents needs. Take our PDF tools direct to your Windows and convert your PDFs to editable Office formats offline.

ILovePDF Windows supports PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Word, and PDF to Excel conversions without internet access, in particular, making it highly suitable for operating environments without place restrictions.

Convert PDF To Office

PDF to Office for Android & iOS

If you have no Office? No problem! Now you can turn your Android & iOS smartphones into a portable PDF editor with the iLovePDF Mobile App. Because we know that dealing with PDFs can keep you busy, and we’ve now included our PDF to Office tool in the App. And now you can efficiently deal with your documents whenever you want and need them.

Convert PDF To Office

ILovePDF App – Your PDF Reader and Editor is available in the Google Play and App Store. And get it for free and start making the most of your time on the go.

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