How to Sign a PDF Digitally

How to Sign a PDF Digitally

How to Sign a PDF Digitally

An easy way to sign a PDF document digitally or send an eSignature request. Here you know how to Sign your PDF document.

Are you looking to sign a PDF document quickly without having to print it out?

Maybe you want someone else’s signature on your document but you can’t meet them face-to-face. But all your problems solution is here a trusted eSignature service that allows you to e-sign your documents and send signature requests securely, quickly, and with full legal validity online.

How to Sign a PDF Digitally

What are the Benefits of eSignature?

Signing your documents digitally saves time, paper, and money.  It reduces the anxiety of having to print, scan, sign, and then send the documents back. You can simply and easily eSign your documents in just a moment, and send them immediately.

Individuals and companies are bonding the latest eSignature solutions for a more paperless, efficient, and cost-effective way to complete agreements.

eSign your Documents or Send for Signatures

How to digitally or electrically sign your own PDF document and how to send an eSignature request to other people using the iLovePDF’s Sign PDF tool. The tool offers a spontaneous eSigning platform in which you can:

  • Certify signatures by using the high-security digital certificates
  • Digitally or electronically sign your own documents
  • Save the templates for your commonly-used signature settings
  • Customize your signature by drawing it, with text, or uploading it as an image
  • Send documents with signature requests pre-configured by you
How to Sign a PDF Digitally

Choice 1: How can I Sign My Own PDF

  • Navigate to the iLovePDF’s Sign tool.
  • Choose the file that you want to sign, drag or drop it from your device, Dropbox account, or Google Drive.
  • Choose only me to Sign your own document.
  • Customize your signature by filling out the fields you are asking for, then tap apply.
  • In the Signing options, select if you want to sign with a Digital signature or an Electronic Signature.
  • Drag and drop signature fields from the Signing Choice into the document.
  • And then hit the Sign PDF button.
  • Now you can download your signed PDF or save it back to the cloud.

Choice 2: How can send an eSignature Request

  • Navigate to the iLovePDF’s Sign PDF tool
  • Choose the file you want other to Sign, or drag and drop it from your device, Dropbox account, or Google Drive.
  • To invite others to Sign, select Request Signature.
  • After this, add your receiver’s details and specify their role in the process of Signing.
  • Then check the settings which you would like to apply to the signature request, and then click Apply.
  • Drag and drop signature fields from the Signing Choice into the document.
  • Now, hit the Send to Sign Button.
  • And then follow the status of the signature request from your iLovePDF control panel.

Digital Signature or Electronic Signature

iLovePDF’s Sign tool gives you the choice to Sign using a Digital Signature or an Electronic Signature. But while both signatures are legally-attached, you may select one type over the other, depending on the document that needs Signing.

Selecting a Trusted eSignature Service

There are several different eSignature solutions available to help you get your paperwork easily signed and sent in just a few seconds online. However, it’s very important to check that your chosen service is compliant with industry and local signature standards.

iLovePDF’s Sign PDF tool complies with the highest US and EU e-Signature standards by using the safest and strongest data encryption technology as well as an audit trail in each and every step of the Signing process for higher legal protection.

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